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Samsung Sam: The Evolution of Virtual Assistants Beyond the Voice and Text

Until the year 2021, the trend for Samsung virtual assistant is not that high on the Internet. But after a while, everybody started to speak about an alleged virtual assistant on Samsung devices, named Samsung Sam. She turned the Internet upside-down, nearly millions of people were asking the same questions about how old she is, when she will be official, and so forth. However, there was no official declaration about her, at least for particular regions of the world because she is designed to be used as a digital marketing strategy of Samsung in Central American and Caribbean countries. 

Some still ask about what happened to Samsung Sam, but they are not aware of the fact that she is actually super active in Samsung Brazil or any other Central American countries to introduce new Samsung products and influence particular groups of age. In this post, we will talk about nearly everything about Samsung Sam and make things clear.

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A Brief History of Samsung Sam

Samsung Sam is designed to introduce new Samsung services and products to users all over Latin America, especially Central. She is a virtual and 3D assistant who is well aware of how Samsung products work and what news to be expected from Samsung in the time to come. She is mainly created to be used in the digital world, especially in social media networks, digital informational and commercial sites, and many more digital-related communities and forums. 

All the Samsung Samantha pictures with a blue and grey background on the Internet are designed to introduce her to the individuals of a particular region of the world. Even it was declared in the same manner by Carlos Villar (CMO of Samsung Central America and Caribbean). Shortly, he relatively said that she came into the being as a digital marketing service for the web enlargement and development for Samsung devices in Central America and the Caribbean and the particular assistance of Gen-Z and young consumers. But with the effects of globalization, it spread all over the world and maybe even acquired more attention from other regions than the region she is expected to be used. All other kinds of pictures and videos of Samsung Girl are integrated with the Samsung Ecosystem and products in order to demonstrate the new and innovational opportunities of Samsung for customers and Samsungers. 

She has started to be used as the marketing strategy of Samsung in the following countries: Central America, the Caribbean Islands, Ecuador, Venezuela, and other selected ones. After that, it was determined that she will be seen with FreeStyle in Smart Things after the distribution of the Samsung Galaxy S22. Plus, from the year 2022, she is expected to be seen on other devices of Samsung like smartphones, laptops, TVs, and many more. In other words, starting with an online marketing strategy, she will be revolved around the Samsung Ecosystem.

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Is She Official or Not?

People and Samsung users all around the world wonder the same question about Samsung Sam: when she will be official? Even some people collected signatures to make her official even if they have not reached hundreds of millions of people. However, she is actually quite official and present in the countries aforementioned. Samsung Central America and the Caribbean use her to promote Samsung products and services in these particular regions, but she is not available in all other regions of the world except the ones mentioned above. That's why, people look for something existent to be released again. 

She can be seen on Samsung Brazil's official website and other social media accounts like Youtube either as a 2D or 3D character. Of course, there are some downsides. For example, she only speaks Portuguese or Spanish, so if you do not know or are not familiar with these languages, it can be hard for you to understand what she is talking about in the promotion videos and pictures. 

At this stage, she is not integrated into the mobile devices' software system to be a digital assistant. Nevertheless, it is always stated by the high-level employees, Samsung has the eagerness to integrate Samsung Sam into the Samsung Ecosystem and use her in different regions as well. For that reason, she may be seen in other regions like Europe and North America and on mobile devices too.

All new content and information about Samsung Sam can be found here and on other Samsung Central America and Caribbean websites as well. 

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From the Voice to Visual Assistant

According to a particular survey, only 10% of the participants have not been familiar with the voice assistants on their smartphones and the reminder is well aware and used frequently. Whether it is Google Assitant, Bixby, or Siri, about 60% per cent of the participants have found the technology satisfying and life-saver, however, there is 30% part which is not satisfied with the functions, speed, or other related functionalities of the voice assistants. 

Even though it is not possible to use particular voice assistants apart from specific software systems, people are really looking for alternative ones because some functions are not functioning on their own devices. For instance, they are able to screen record with Bixby, but this is not the case for Google Assistant. Plus, each new voice assistant repeats the same progress or copies the existing ones.

It is clearly understood that there is a need for change in voice assistant services that should combine the voice with visual and artificial intelligent elements. In such an environment, there is a particular absolute advantage for Samsung to implement these practices because it was already able to catch the trend with Samsung Sam, Samanta, Girl, or you name it. 

Since the first date she appeared on the Internet and some social media networks, she increased her popularity and this trend still continues - there is an observable decrease when it is compared with the first days though. It is in the hands of Samsung to revive the virtual assistant and come her into being. Maybe they work on her since the year 2021, who knows? - just a bunch of people. It will certainly need bellyful material and technical things, however, in such an era where AI sets the agenda with its rudimentary user interface, Samsung Sam will be a win-win scenario for both Samsung itself and the Samsung users - plus the ones who are looking for a change in their phones interior and exterior design. 

ChatGPT or any kind of text-based AI technologies do not attract the attention of users because all they offer is a bunch of text on a solid background. Samsung Girl is just a perfect opportunity to make hologram-like communication in virtual assistant technologies. So, rather than speaking with an inanimate system in the mobile systems, Samsung Sam can offer realistic communication and assistance.

The visual component also gives the conversation a more intimate feel. The experience is more relevant and pleasurable when a virtual assistant is presented in a human-like form since it fosters a sense of presence and connection. Users may interact with Sam as if it were a real person, promoting a more casual and conversational atmosphere.

Additionally, physical appearance creates fresh opportunities for non-verbal communication. Body language, gestures, and facial expressions may all be used to successfully communicate feelings and intentions. As a result, people and the virtual assistant may communicate more effectively and understand each other better.

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Samsung Sam is still on the Internet and at present, but neither available in all marketing regions of Samsung nor on mobile devices as a virtual assistant. There is a certain need to show her in other regions and integrate it into the Samsung Ecosystem as a virtual and visual assistant. It is for the benefit of both Samsung itself and Samsung users.

If you have any further questions as to Samsung Sam, kindly leave a comment below. If we have an understanding of the subject matter of the question, we could give some of the answers to your question. Don't worry; in other cases, we can provide you access to particular articles published by members of the community that you can read and use to examine the problem you're attempting to understand.


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