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Enter (and Exit) Safe Mode on Samsung Phones and Tablets

Is your phone or tablet acting slow or struggling with messages not sending ? Not sure if it is some app causing trouble or a system-related issue?  Come with us as we explore Safe Mode to figure out what is the primary cause of the error and get your Samsung back to its speedy, smooth self. 
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Solve: Security Policy Prevents Use of Camera Error on Samsung

Imagine pulling your phone out to take a photo of a stunning building, only to be met with a discouraging message: 'Security policy prevents the use of the camera'. Are you frustrated by the sudden restriction preventing you from capturing those spontaneous moments with your smartphone?  Come with us as we explore the steps to fix that error, allowing you to once again open your vital stock Camera app without any hindrance.

Samsung Good Lock: Personalize Mobile Experience

Are you tired of feeling limited by the default personalization options on your Samsung device, longing for a way to truly personalize it from scratch? If so, Samsung Good Lock is the ultimate solution you have been seeking. Come with us as we delve into the app of Samsung Good Lock, the key to unlocking the full customization potential of your Samsung device.

Samsung Notification History: Track Old App Alerts

Have you ever been in a situation where you accidentally dismissed a crucial notification on your Android device, leaving you desperately wishing for a way to see it one more time? Samsung has actually developed a range of convenient solutions to help you display those crucial notifications with ease.  Come with us as we explore Samsung notification history, providing you with the means you need to never miss out on important notifications again.

Make GIFs on Samsung Phones and Tablets

Have you ever wished to infuse your Android device with a dash of creativity, bringing present or past moments to life in the form of animated GIFs? With Samsung's diverse set of features, that artistic dream is now within your reach for free.  Come with us as we dive deep into the GIF making on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets. From the built-in features of the Samsung Gallery and Camera app to the GIF recording option of Smart Select on S Pen-compatible devices. 

Samsung AR Emoji: Create Your Virtual Twin

Ever wanted to turn yourself into a playful emoji and share the fun on social media or in your messages? With Samsung's AR Emoji apps like AR Emoji Studio, Camera, and Stickers, you can do just that. Come with us as we explore these cool Samsung apps that let you create AR characters of yourself, snap photos and videos of them, and easily share your animated self with friends and followers.

Samsung Email: Beyond the Inbox and Outbox

Are you tired of controlling multiple email accounts? Samsung Email is here to make your life easier. Let's take a closer look at Samsung Email, the app that helps you handle all your emails in one spot. Whether you want to write, read, or organize emails, and even customize your email signature or block annoying spam calls , we'll show you how Samsung Email simplifies your email world.

Samsung Notification Sound: Change All or Separate App Alerts

Ever wanted to give a special sound to your favourite app or silence distractions during important moments? With Samsung Galaxy, you have the power to make it happen. Come with us as we explore Samsung's notification settings, allowing you to make your device fit your life perfectly by customizing alerts and sounds to match your preferences.

Samsung AR Doodle: Draw Patterns on Pictures or Videos

Get ready to unlock a world of creative possibilities with the exciting feature - Samsung AR Doodle . Picture this: you are holding your smartphone, and suddenly, your surroundings become a canvas for your imagination. With just a tap, your phone's camera transforms into a magical tool, allowing you to draw, design, and decorate anything you see in front of you.  Ever thought about doodling glasses on your friend's face? Or perhaps leaving a virtual love note hanging in the air for someone special? AR Doodle brings these creative ideas to life, adding fun to everyday life.  Get ready to discover the enchanting realm of Samsung AR Doodle, where we'll delve into the myriad of delightful ways you can turn your world into a creative masterpiece.

Samsung Deco Pic: Add Fun to Frames

Have you spotted a new thing called DECO PIC on your Galaxy phone after updating to Android 12? No worries, it's not a bad thing! It's not a sneaky program trying to cause trouble. Actually, it's an app that Samsung made.  This app is like a fast way to use things on your phone that are already there, but a bit hidden inside the Camera app. It's like a little adventure for your device, making pictures more fun without any confusing stuff. Let's review how this fantastic feature allows you to add more fun to your digital assets and make you more popular among your friends.