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What Features Samsung Screen Recorder Needs?

In our increasingly digitized lifestyles, the screen recorder capability on Samsung smartphones has become essential. It provides a number of advantages that improve user experiences and makes sharing, communicating, and creating content simple. However, some Samsung users cannot even have the screen recorder capability on their Samsung phones or tablets, and others have but there are some needs to improve screen recording on Samsung devices.

In this post, we'll look into the various needs of the Samsung screen recorder and examine its critical requirement. We will examine the four specific needs and hope Samsung to note them down to update the app on the next software updates.

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In this post

  1. Room for All Samsung Users
  2. Unrestricted Recording Options
  3. Pop-up Notification After Screen Record
  4. More Customization Options 
  5. Conclusion

1 | Room for All Samsung Users

Samsung Screen Recorder's most upsetting feature is that it is not available for all Samsung phones and tablets which prevents it to reach more Samsung users in need of a built-in screen recorder on their devices. It is the most upsetting because as the built-in screenshot options, screen recording is a must in that era where every single Android smartphone has the built-in way on their system. Basically, even though it is not as common as the screenshot, a screen recorder is a vital thing. Furthermore, all the third-party apps on the Google Play Store or Galaxy Store are not that secure for the user to download a screen recorder and use them on their devices safely. Although they comply with some basic regulations of the digital markets, they might use the user's data illegally which might be resulted in a lot of troubles for Samsung users.

Considering this, Samsung should be aware of all the facts above and many more which are not mentioned here and should add a screen recorder app to all Samsung phones and tablets without any distinction. Apart from its vitality, it also demonstrates Samsung more user-friendly company which cares about the Samsung user's basic needs. 

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2 | Unrestricted Recording Options

Even though screen recorder is available on some high price mobile phones and tablets, Samsung users on these phones and tablets have also had some trouble preventing them to save recording without demonstrating any private message, call, password, or something equivalent on the screen recording. That is to say, Samsung Screen Recorder needs a future that should prevent notifications to appear on the screen record. In the middle of a 20 minutes screen recording, some notifications that should not be appeared on the screen might ruin the whole thing up. Of course, the notifications can be edited at the end of the recording with the help of Gallery, however, there can be some situations when the thing on the screen is crucial which cannot be cropped in order to hide the notifications. Plus, some Samsung users who do not aware of the technology as others might not be aware of the fact that they mistakenly screen record their password or private messages and share it on their social media accounts which may pave the way for unintended consequences even though it is stated on the screen prior to the screen record. 

With the fact above, it is better for Samsung to update the screen recorder to include a feature to not show notifications or any other related things that should not be shown on the screen record. In this way, Samsung users would not have to record the screen again and again to create the full and accomplished screen record and they save their data with only themselves. 

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If you do not know how to screen record on Samsung phones or tablets, you might be interested in: "How to Record Screen on Samsung Phones and Tablets (5 Ways)".

3 | Pop-up Notification After Screen Record

Even though Samsung offers the next feature, some Samsung phone or tablet users are not aware of it which has been confirmed by looking at each community of Samsung like EU or US Samsung Communities. The related feature is Screen Recorder's Editor. Editor is provided by Samsung but it does not appear after the screen recording and as a matter of course some Samsung users are not aware of it. By the way, Screen Recorder's Editor can be reached by Gallery by following the steps as follows: Gallery > Find and Tap on the Screen Record > Tap on the "Pencil" icon to activate Editor for Screen Recorder. It has so many features which are Trim, Transform, Filters, Tone, Audio, and many more on three-vertical-dots 

Considering this, it is a good practice to add a pop-up notification for Samsung users to redirect them to the Editor in case they need to crop or edit some particular parts of the screen record. In this way, every single Samsung user can be aware of the Editor and they do not need to install any third-party application from the Google Play Store or App Store which might be resulted in security issues in some cases. 

Pop-Up Notification for Example of Samsung Screen Recorder Editor Picture

4 | More Customization Options

Samsung's built-in screen recorder has many customization features that can satisfy users who need basic things to record a particular or whole screen of a Samsung phone or tablet. But that does not mean, it does not have any shortcomings. For instance, the Hide Status and Navigation Bars option of the Screenshots is not available for the Screen Recording. As it is aforementioned on the third need, there can be a feature like Show Toolbar After Capturing of the Screenshots or a Pop-Up Notification to redirect users to the editor in the Screen Recorder as well. Even though Samsung allows users to change the video quality or resolution, there is also a need for frame rate customization for Samsung devices.

Considering all the possible new features above, Samsung may provide more satisfaction for all kinds of Samsung users and relieve Samsung users of installing third-party apps from app markets. Namely, third-party applications for all kinds of Samsung users to record a screen should be an option, not a must. 

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Samsung devices provide built-in screen recorders to save the day for some particular Samsung users, however, it does not satisfy all kinds of Samsung users because of some features it needs. The first and essential need is to make the screen recorder feature available on every Samsung phone or tablet without any distinction because of its necessity like the screenshot. There are other needs like an option that allows the user not to show the notifications, password, or private messages on the screen record and a pop-up notification window that notify the user whether s/he wants to edit the screen record with built-in Samsung Screen Recording Editor. 

It's important to note that Samsung frequently releases software and hardware upgrades, so we believe some of these flaws may have been fixed in more current models or software updates. To get the most precise and recent information on your Samsung device's screen recording capabilities, it is advised to refer to the user manual or official literature designed for that device. In case you have further questions about screen recording on Samsung phones or tablets, you may leave a comment below or contact us from the Contact Us page. We would be glad to help you. Plus, you can share your own suggestion below in the comments, we would like to add it to the original post as well with your permission.


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