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How to Screenshot on Samsung Phones and Tablets (11 Ways)

Taking a photo of your Samsung screen with another phone is not a desirable option in this era. You can keep the documents, news, and new achievements by just taking screenshots with the help of features provided by Samsung or any other manufacturer. Unless taking a photo of a screen with the help of another phone, this method also provides the best high quality for your screenshots. And another best part of it, you do not have to download any third-party screenshot-taking application because Samsung provides enough ways to take screenshots on your Samsung device.

We will demonstrate to you different ways of how to take a screenshot on your Samsung devices, you can choose any one that is available on your Samsung model and you are comfortable applying. You can apply the below methods on Samsung S22, S22 Plus, S22 Ultra, A13, S20, S21, S21 Plus, S21 Ultra, A12, A53, A32, A34, S20, S20 FE, A03S, A12, A13, A52, A02, S8, Tab A7, Tab A7 Lite, S10, A23, Flip 4, Z Flip, A11, S9, A22, S8+, S8, Z Flip 3, A71, Note 20, Note 10 and so forth. However, all methods below might not be available in some models. 

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1 | Screenshot with Volume Down and Power (Side Key) Buttons

Before taking a screenshot of your Samsung phone, you should open the place that you want to screenshot. It can be anywhere on your phone as long as it complies with the copyright legislations which can be exemplified that you cannot take a screenshot or record the screen of streaming service's native apps on Samsung devices. Even though, you can take a screenshot or record the screen, it will be seen as just a black screen without any element that you expect to see.

Anyway, to demonstrate the screenshot, we will use our website's screen in each screenshot as you can see from the picture below. 

Picture of HowToDo.Blog's Website

The first option is known by most people and it is maybe one of the easiest on each Android device, not just on Samsung. 

In order to take a screenshot, you should press once both the "Volume Down" and "Power (Side Key)" buttons on your Samsung which are generally placed on the right of the Samsung. However, if you are unsure which one is which, you can verify by examining what happens when the buttons are pressed. The power button or side key allows you to wake up the screen and you can guess what the volume down button does

Volume Down and Power Buttons on Samsung Picture

When you successfully take a screenshot, you should see a "Toolbar" (the small window that is shown in the picture below where you can directly share the screenshot or crop it if you desire). Plus, it means that your screenshot successfully was saved to "Gallery" on your phone. 

Toolbar Picture after Screenshot

If you are using Samsung phones that are older than S8, then you should press the "Home" and "Power" buttons at the same time instead of the "Volume Down" and "Power" buttons to take a screenshot.

Home and Power Button on Samsung Picture

2 | Screenshot with "Take Screenshot" Shortcut on Quick Settings Panel

As the second option, open your "Quick Settings Panel" on SamsungSearch for whether you have added the "Take Screenshot" shortcut or not

If yestap on "Take Screenshot" in order to take a screenshot on your Samsung. When you tap on it, it will immediately take a screenshot of the current page without any further action and the screenshot will be saved to the "Gallery".

If notap on "+" which is at the very end of the "Quick Settings Panel", do not hesitate to look at the picture below that shows what it looks like. After that, hold and drag the "Take Screenshot" from the "Available Buttons" window to the window below it which is darker and ultimately tap on "Done". From now on, apply the action mentioned right above. (If yes...)

Take Screenshot on Quick Settings Panel Picture

After this option, you will see the "Toolbar" again (small window at the bottom of the screen) as it is the case in the first option where you can make some restricted adjustments to your screenshot according to your needs.

Website of HowToDo.Blog Picture

Toolbar after Screenshot Picture

3 | Screenshot with S Pen and Air Command Menu

Additionally, you can take screenshots with the help of your S Pen if you are using devices that are compatible with the S Pen or directly have S Pen.

In order to do that, take your S Pen out from the deviceopen the window you want to take the screenshot of, and touch on "Air Command Menu" with your S Pen (in case you are not familiar with the "Air Command Menu", it is the menu where you can find some actions that you can do with the S Pen and it is an icon like your S Pen within a circle).

From now on, you have two options, you can either touch on "Smart Select" or "Screen Write", both will be told by us. 

Smart Selection Option

In the first placetouch on "Smart Select" if you want to take a screenshot of a particular area on the screen

Smart Select on Air Command Panel of Samsung Picture

When you touch on it, you should determine the area to be kept and the area to be omitted with your S Pen as shown in the picture below. 

Selecting Area Picture

It will be shown what area you have selected in a preview, if you are satisfied with the selection, touch on the "Download 🔽" button which will save your selected area to the gallery of your Samsung.

Selected Area Preview Picture

Screen Write Option

In the second place, touch on "Screen Write" if you want to both take a screenshot of the entire screen and write something on it with your S Pen. Of course, you can also use "Screen Write" to take screenshots on your Samsung without adding any text to it.

Screen Write Feature on Air Command Panel Picture

When you touch on it, the entire screen will be taken and you can share, download, and write notes on the screenshot from the panel at the bottom. You may look at the picture below in order to fully grasp what it looks like.

Screen Write Window after Screenshot Picture

4 | Screenshot with Game Booster Panel

When you are playing a game with your Samsung phone, you can also take screenshots with the aforementioned options. However, there is also a separate option for the "Game Launcher" of the Samsung that allows you to take a screenshot with just a few simple steps.

First things first, open the game you want to take the screenshot of.

Next, open the "Notification Panel" and tap on "Tap to Open Game Booster".

Game Booster on Notification Panel Picture

After that, on the page that will appear when you tap on "Tap to Open Game Booster", tap on the "Take Screenshot" icon which is like a picture within a frame next to the "Screen Recorder" icon. You may look at the picture below to prevent any trouble.

Take Screenshot on Game Booster Picture

The last thing to do is to control whether it is saved to your "Gallery" or not. If you followed the steps thoroughly, you should see the screenshot on your Gallery without any errors. Otherwise, please check the instructions above and check whether you have done something wrong or not.

Screenshot Taken with Game Booster Picture

5 | Screenshots with Digital Assistants (Bixby and Google Assistant)

Screenshot with Bixby

Apart from the manual steps with your fingers, you can also use your voice to take screenshots on Samsung with the help of your digital assistantsBixby and Google Assistant.

Just wake Bixby by saying "Hey Bixby""Hi Bixby" or pressing and holding the "Power Button or Side Key" if it is set as "Wake Bixby"

You may be interested in how to set the Side Key or Power Button as "Wake Bixby" or "Power Off Menu": "How to Turn (Power) Off Samsung (4 Ways)".

When the Bixby is ready, gently say "Take a Screenshot" which will take a screenshot of the current page in place of you. 

The thing here to be kept in mind is that Bixby will only take a screenshot of the current page you are on. In order to take a screenshot of a different page with Bixby, you should open it before saying Bixby to take a screenshot.

Bixby Commands Picture

Screenshot with Google Assistant

Alternatively, wake Google Assistant by saying "Hey Google""Hi Google" or swiping up from the bottom edge of the Samsung.

When Google Assistant is awake, say "Take a Screenshot" and leave the rest for the Google Assistant. It will notify you whether a screenshot is taken or not. 

Google Assistant Commands Picture

6 | Screenshot with "Edge Panel"

If your Samsung device has the "Edge Panel", then you might also use it to take screenshots in many different shapes. 

Edge Panel is on the right side of your Samsung provided that it is activated. 

Edge Panel on Samsung Picture

If not, you can follow the instructions below to activate it:

  1. Go to "Settings ⚙️".
  2. Search for "Edge Panel" in the "Search Box 🔍".
  3. Enable "Edge Panels" by switching the button on. From now on you can reach the "Edge Panel" from the right side of your Samsung by touching and dragging the panel to the left.

After the activation of Edge Panel, if you cannot see the screenshot options or any other option on the "Edge Panel"follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to "Settings ⚙️" again. 
  2. Search for "Edge Panel" in the "Search Box 🔍".
  3. This time tap on the "Edge Panels" search result.
  4. When you tap on it, you should be redirected to the "Display" menu of Settings which you can verify by looking at the top left of the screen.
  5. On this menu, tap on "Edge Panels" again.
  6. Tap on "Panels".
  7. Finally, add "Smart Select" and "Tasks" features of "Edge Panel" to help you take screenshots from "Edge Panel". Apart from these two, you can also add other features according to your needs, but the former two are the ones that are sufficient for taking screenshots with "Edge Panel". 

Anyway, back to the real point. Touch and drag the panel to the left in order to open "Edge Panel".

Swipe left or right until you find the panel as it is shown in the picture below where you can take screenshots as "Rectangle" or "Oval".

Smart Select Option on Edge Panel Picture

Rectangle Screenshot on Edge Panel

In order to take a screenshot of the current page as a rectangletap on "Rectangle".

Rectangle Screenshot on Edge Panel Picture

Select the rectangle area to be taken as a screenshot with the help of your fingers and tap on "Done".

Selecting Rectangle Area to Take Screenshot Picture

At the final stage, you should see the preview of the "Rectangle Screenshot" as it is shown in the picture below. You can add something to it like text and handwriting, share it, and download it with the help of the "Toolbar" below it.

Rectangle Screenshot Preview Picture

Oval Screenshot on Edge Panel

In order to take a screenshot of the current page as ovaltap on "Oval".

Oval Screenshot on Edge Panel Picture

The screenshot will be selected ovally from the starting and ending points. When you are satisfied with the current shape, tap on "Done".

Oval Screenshot Taking Picture

As it is the case in the "Rectangle" option, you will see the preview of "Oval Screenshot" on the next page. You can either add some specifics to the oval screenshots or you can share or download them by means of the "Toolbar" right below.

Oval Screenshot Preview Picture

Take Screenshot Shortcut on Edge Panel

Instead of the "Smart Select" option of "Edge Panel", you can also use the "Tasks" option of "Edge Panel" to take screenshots of your Samsung.

Again, open "Edge Panel" and this time find the panel which is shown in the picture below.

If there is no "Take Screenshot" option on yourstap on "Edit" and add "Take Screenshot".

At the time you tap on the "Take Screenshot" icon on Edge Panel, it will take a screenshot of the current screen.

Take Screenshot on Edge Panel Picture

7 | Screenshot with "Palm Swipe to Capture" Feature

There is also a unique feature of Samsung to take screenshots with your palm. However, before using it, you should enable the feature.

For this, go to "Settings ⚙️".

Search Bar on Settings Picture

Type "Palm Swipe to Capture" in the "Search Box 🔍" and tap on the search result or simply switch on "Palm Swipe to Capture".

Palm Swipe to Take Screenshot Feature Enabling Picture

Ultimately, swipe your palm from left to right or right to left on your screen in order to take a screenshot. It is worth noting that your palm should slightly touch the screen of your Samsung phone while you are swiping.

For the demonstration, you might look at the GIF below.

Demonstrating Palm Swipe Picture

8 | Saving Screenshots to Clipboard

You can easily reach your screenshot both from the Gallery and "Clipboard" of the keyboard as long as you enable the feature. 

In order to enable "Save Screenshot to Clipboard":

  1. Go to "Settings ⚙️",
  2. Search for "Save Screenshots to Clipboard" on the "Search Box 🔍" of Settings, and 
  3. Tap on the first search result.

Saving Screenshots to Clipboard Picture

Enable the "Save Screenshots to Clipboard" feature and with any option above take a screenshot on your Samsung. This time instead of controlling it with your Gallery, you can also see your taken screenshot from the keyboard.

Enabling Saving Screenshot to Clipboard Picture

After you have taken a screenshot by using any one of the methods above, simply write something on a text editor or Samsung Notes in order to activate the keyboard. On the keyboard, tap on "three-horizontal-dots (⋯)".

Three-Horizontal-Dots on Keyboard

Next, tap on "Clipboard".

Clipboard on Keyboard Picture

There you should see the screenshot you have just taken after enabling the "Save Screenshots to Clipboard". With this feature, you can easily add your screenshots to a box with ease where you have written something.

Screenshot Saved on Clipboard Picture

9 | Screenshot Formats and Settings

Apart from taking screenshots, you can also adjust the settings for your screenshots on your Samsung.

In order to do that:

  1. Go to "Settings ⚙️"
  2. Type "Screenshots and Screen Recorder" in the "Search Box 🔍" of Samsung, and 
  3. Tap on the search result.

Screenshot Formats and Settings Picture

Under the "Screenshots" heading, you can adjust the screenshot format (JPG, PNG and etc.)change the directory to save the screenshotsdemonstrate or hide the "Toolbar" after the screenshot, and so forth.

Screenshots Formats and Settings 2 Picture

To get more detail about all screenshots settings on Samsung, you may want to read "Useful Settings for Screenshot and Screen Recorder on Samsung".


We demonstrated all the possible methods to take screenshots on Samsung, you can use any one of them that fits your needs. As long as you follow the instructions of each title and option, taking a screenshot on a Samsung device is that simple. You can apply these methods either for your Samsung smartphone or Samsung tablet. Nonetheless, some options might not available for your Samsung model and they may also remove from Samsung devices in the upcoming updates. Since we have shared more than one way to take a screenshot on Samsung, you might grasp which ones still exist and which ones do not by the trial and error method.

In case you have further questions about how to take a screenshot on Samsung, do not hesitate to leave a comment. We would be glad to assist you with any trouble that you face as long as we have the knowledge about it. Otherwise, we may provide you some links to solutions for the problems you have faced during the implementation.


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